Welcome to Tbilisskaya district

Welcome to the Tbilisskaya district of the Krasnodar region! This is one of the most beautiful and amazing places in Kuban. Our ancestors hardly mastered the richest lands, sowed grain and protected the borders of the Fatherland here. We want to go on to higher raise the prestige and glory of the Kuban region.

The Tbilisskaya district has excellent prospects for further development. We have everything to do this: the fertile Kuban lands, and formed by centuries interethnic peace, and harmony as well. There are all conditions for new successful production here, and finally, we have the most important thing Ц the golden hands of our countrymen!

The Tbilisskaya district is open to cooperation. The District Administration is ready to consider any alternatives for raising capital, technology and managerial experience. We are interested in mutually advantageous cooperation and ensure the most favorable conditions for the implementation of investment projects.

It is profitable to invest in us today!

Our experience, our achievements and our hearts are open to you. You will be welcomed here with sincere affection, respect and hospitality of Kuban, about which legends are created. LetТs cooperate, letТs be friends, and letТs work together for the benefit of the region, of Kuban and of our country.

Head of the Tbilisskaya district
Ilyin Eugene G.