Veniamin Kondratiev signed a collaboration agreement with the Minsk Tractor Works at the Forum of regions of Belarus and Russia

«Today, more than 60% of all tractors in our region are from Belarus. With this new agreement we formalize our plans on the development of the production and the operation of a sales and service network of MTW in the Krasnodar Krai,» said Veniamin Kondratiev after signing the contract.

To produce the most popular tractors of the Belarus brand, the Minsk Tractor Works will take up an industrial site in the Starominskaya village that today accommodates production halls, a manufacture’s store of spare parts, a warehouse, a trade and exhibition site and a service area.

In 2022, the factory is planning to produce about 250 items. According to Veniamin Kondratiev, the enterprise may help to drive the growth of the area’s economy and become the main employer of the municipal area. The MTW is also going to open a sales and service center of agricultural machinery in Krasnodar and now they are looking for a suitable place for the center.

Press service of the Krasnodar Krai administration