Veniamin Kondratiev: after two days at the 2022 St Petersburg International Economic Forum the Krasnodar Krai delegation has signed 18 agreements amounting to over 171 billion roubles

The head of the region shared the intermediate results with the journalists.

«After two days we have signed 18 agreements with the total amount of 171.8 billion roubles that will create over 7,300 new workplaces. Of course, what really matters is not quantity but quality. Our investment plans are related to the area of health resorts and tourist complexes, informatization and communication, industry and agroindustrial complex,» said Veniamin Kondratiev.

The big agreement signed by the region include the ones related to the development of the communication infrastructure in Kuban, the construction of three large hotel complexes and a gastronomic tourism center in Sochi, the construction of an industrial park in Krasnodar, the construction of a pasta factory and the modernization of a tramway system in Krasnodar.

Press service of the Krasnodar Krai administration