The worldТs first-ever marine floating light & music fountain to appear in Gelendzhik

On June 27 Gelendzhik will unveil the unique fountain located in the high seas, 50 meters far from the coastline. The project was implemented by the resort сomplex «Primorje Grand Resort Hotel».

As reported in the resort complex, the fountain was built on the basis of a pontoon structure floating in the high seas and protected against wave blasts. The facility rests itself on three anchors installed at the depth of 3.5 meters. The fountain is equipped with a system for dynamic light & music performance. 

The aquatic composition of the marine fountain in Gelendzhik consists of 13 water jets: central – height up to 30 meters and 12 side jets – height up to 15 meters. The spatter of jets makes 40-45 meters. 

The fountain will be operational on a daily basis and at nights light & music dynamic show will be demonstrated.