The volume of supplies of Kuban agroindustrial complex products increased by 20% within a year

In 2021, the volume of deliveries of the Krasnodar Krai agricultural products abroad amounted to $3.5 billion, which is 20% more than a year earlier ($2.86 billion). This is proved by the annual study of the Federal Centre «Agroexport».

Cereal crops made the largest part of the exported products (64.1%). The region comes second after the Rostov Region in the volume of the shipped cereal crops. Within a year, Kuban delivered 2.2 million tons of these goods to China, Turkey, Ukraine, Middle East, Kazakhstan, and other countries.

The total cost of cereal crops supplies amounted to $2.3 billion. Fat-and-oil products constituted 19.7% of total exports ($694.9 million) while food and processing industry products amounted to 5.5% ($192.8 million). The total amount of exported products of the region comes third in Russia after the Rostov Region, which comes first ($6.8 billion), and Moscow, which comes second ($3.9 billion).

The growth of deliveries was noted in the exports to China, Turkey, South Korea, Algeria, Ethiopia, Yemen, and Cameroon. In total, within a year Russia exported over 71 million agricultural products worth $37 billion.