The Volume of Investments in Kuban Is Expected to Be at Least 500 Billion Rubles in 2018

Following the results of 2018, the volume of investments in fixed assets in the Krasnodar Region will amount to not less than 500 billion rubles, according to the press service of the Investment Department of the Kuban Administration.

For comparison: a year earlier, the region received 484.1 billion rubles of investments in fixed assets with an increase of 6.1% compared to data of 2016.

In terms of the total volume of attracted investments, the region ranks 7th among the subjects of the Russian Federation being the absolute leader for the recent years in the Southern Federal District.

As it became known, the major investment activity in the first half of the year was observed in such types of economic activity as transportation and storage – 50.7 billion rubles (investments in the industry amounted to 35.7% of the total regional investment volume), processing industries – 34.1 billion rubles (24.0%), agricultural development – 10.5 billion rubles (7.4%), supply with electric power, gas and steam – 7.1 billion rubles (5.0%), wholesale and retail trade – 6.1 billion rubles (4.3%), information and communication activities – 3.6 billion rubles (2.5%).