The volume of foreign investments to Kuban economy made 5 billion US dollars over a period of five years

Krasnodar region has mobilized more than 5 billion US dollars in foreign investment over a period of five years as reported by Vasiliy Vorobiev, Chief of Investment and SME Department, to TASS.

According to him, it occurred owing to business support measures in the region, part of which has no parallel in Russia.   

Presently, around 300 foreign-owned enterprises out of more than 30 countries across the globe operate in Krasnodar region. He called Germany, France, USA, Sweden, Austria, Italy and other countries as strategic partners.  

A consultancy council on foreign investment was specially set up in order to mobilize foreign investment and to develop and strengthen the investment climate on the territory of Krasnodar region. Furthermore, in order to support foreign investors the region improves the investment legislation and the follow-up of investment projects is carried out on the principle of «one stop» service.