The Russian patriarchate to produce wines in Krasnodar region

The subsidiary of Moscow patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church – LLC «Mezyb’» – obtained a license for production, storage and supply of wine. 

LLC «Mezyb’» was registered in 2015 in the village of Divnomorskoye of the city of Gelendzhik. The principal type of activities of the company is production of wine from grapes. The chartered capital of the company makes 10 million rubles. The headquarters is a financial & economic administration of the Russian Orthodox Church (66.67%). Another 33.33% of the share in the chartered capital belongs to LLC «Art-production enterprise «Sofrino» of the Russian Orthodox Church». The Director General of «Mezyb’» is Svetlana Dmitrieva, co-owner of the local religious organization «Orthodox parish of the cathedral church of the Apostle St. Andrew Protokletos in the city of Gelendhik of Novorossiysk diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church.

As reported by the Russian BBC service  the license obtained by the subsidiary of the Russian Orthodox Church anticipates the release of ordinary and sparkling wine to which church wine is attributed. The press-secretary of Patriarch Kirill, Alexander Volkov, told to the periodical that the issue is about a closed commercial project on release of exclusive wine. «As, for instance, the Catholics have Papal wines that are hard to purchase» – he told.