The regional delegation signed 214 agreements with a total amount of 107.9 billion rubles by the middle of the second day of the International investment forum УSochi-2015Ф

There are 22 agreements with a total amount of 58.8 billion rubles on behalf of the Administration of the Krasnodar region among them.

Thanks to agreements concluded at the Forum, large-scale investments will be focused on the development of fuel and energy complex, as well as the creation and modernization of the production facilities in the Krasnodar region.

Thus, the Kuban-Vino Company is going to invest about 1.7 billion rubles in the construction of a plant for the production of a full cycle of champagne, wine, and ___ in the placement of the tourist infrastructure in Anapa. Implementation of the project will process annually more than 18 thousand tons of grapes to produce 1.5 million dal of the classic sparkling wine (champagne), 210 thousand dal of the classic sparkling wine (champagne) and 210 thousand dal of the unblended wines.

Investments in amount of 2.3 billion rubles will be spent on construction of the soluble mineral fertilizer plant. The project is going to be implemented by the Scientific Industrial Enterprise Radium, OJSC. The company plans to start production in the Belorechensk district. It is expected that with at the designed capacity, the plant will annually produce 100 thousand tons of liquid soluble mineral fertilizer.

Tamanneftegas, CJSC plans to invest more than 4.5 billion rubles in the project "Transshipment Terminal for Oversized and Overweight Cargos (OOC)". The terminal is designed for the reception, temporary storage and handling of oversized and overweight cargos with a total turnover of 100 thousand tons per year.

So, Ilskiy Oil Refinery Plant, LLC – a town-forming enterprise, one of the largest taxpayers in the Severskaya district – will send 4.6 billion rubles to the construction of a primary distillation ELOU-AT-6 and the delivery and acceptance point of oil and oil products.

Tander, CJSC is going to invest near 9 billion rubles in the development of the industrial park on the territory of Krasnodar, in the village of Dorozhnyi. Production, storage and administrative offices will be placed on the territory of the industrial park.

Afipskiy Oil Refinery Plant, LLC stated at the Forum about the readiness to send more than 15 billion rubles for the construction of a combined unit for vacuum distillation of oil residue and PM-3 tar visbreaking with off-plot facilities (the second stage of modernization of the starting complex) in the Severskaya district​​. It is planned that the capacity of all plants of the new production chain will ensure deep processing of 6 million tons of oil per year. Implementation of the project will allow Afipskiy Oil Refinery Plant, LLC to become one of the most complex oil refinery sites in Russia.

The companies will also create new or reconstruct existing enterprises of the agricultural complex of the Krasnodar region.

Dymov.Yug, LLC is going to invest near 460 million rubles on reconstruction of the pig farm in the Bryukhovetskaya district. The funds will be invested in the construction of buildings for the cultivation of breeding stock, a sow farm, buildings for nursery and feeding and necessary infrastructure. Implementation of the project will create an effective full-cycle production with a capacity of 30 thousand commercial pigs annually.

The Experimental Production Farm Anapa, CJSC will build two agricultural logistics center in Kuban, according to the agreement concluded at the Forum. It is planned that the centers will provide services for long-term storage of vegetables and fruits, as well as processing and packaging of products. At the designed capacity, the volume of single download of each center will be more than 6,000 tons per year. The total investments in the project are estimated to be more than 760 million rubles.

Kuban-T, LLC is going to invest funds in two investment projects. The company plans to invest more than 900 million rubles in the construction of the greenhouse complex with an area of ​​10 hectares for the production of vegetables in the town of Belorechensk that will create a company with a capacity of 6,000 tons of tomatoes per year. Kuban-T will invest more than 750 million rubles in the expansion of the plant for the production of packed tea in the Belorechensk district. Currently, the company processes 3,600 tons of tea a year. It is expected that as a result of the project, its performance will reach 6,000 tons per year.

Business partners of the Krasnodar region will direct massive investments to the development of the resort infrastructure in cities and regions of Kuban as well.

Nadezhda+N, LLC is going to invest about 2 billion rubles in the construction of sports and tourist complex "3 Star Apart-Hotel" in the Adler district of Sochi city. The company intends to expand the number of rooms of the hotel complex "SKYPARK" due to the previously planned project on construction of 16 additional bungalows and 1 townhouse.

No less magnifical funds will be invested in the construction industry and in increasing of the housing stock.

In particular, ATRIUM DEVELOPMENT, LLC signed at the Forum in Sochi an agreement under which the second stage of the complex low-rise residential buildings with commercial facilities and social infrastructure will be built in the Olympic residential district of Yuzhnyi village of the Dinskaya district. The agreement on establishing the first stage of this object was concluded in the International Investment Forum "Sochi-2013". The first stage was construction of the residential buildings and public infrastructure on the land of 100 hectares and providing engineering infrastructure of the land. The volume of investments of the 1st stage of the project is 3 billion rubles. The second stage involves the construction of various types of buildings: 3-storey houses of a section type and individual houses with gardens. The volume of investments in the project will amount to more than 1 billion rubles.

Thanks to investments, the telecommunications sphere of the region will be developed.

The Megaphone Company is going to implement a number of investment projects on construction of main and local fiber-optic communication lines in the Novokubansk, Gulkevichi, Starominskaya, Timashevsk, Primorsko-Akhtarsk and Temryuk districts of the Krasnodar region as part of its plans for the technical development of its communication networks. It will also invest in the modernization of existing and already constructed cable duct systems in the cities of Krasnodar, Gelendzhik, Novorossiysk and Anapa.

In addition, leading banks and non-profit entities noted about their plans of cooperation with the Krasnodar region at the Forum "Sochi-2015".

An agreement with the PJSC Sberbank of Russia was concluded with a purpose to resolve the priorities of social and economic development of the Krasnodar region.

An agreement on cooperation with the JSC Russian Bank for Support of Small and Medium Enterprises was concluded. The main activities of SMEs are aimed at financing small and medium enterprises operating in the spheres of manufacturing and innovation.

A coordination agreement with the LLC Insurance Company Soglasiye was signed to ensure enterprises and population of the region with high-quality insurance services, as well as to establish an insurance culture in Kuban.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region