The history of the International investment forum in Sochi

Having emerged as a regional economic forum "Kuban" in the year 2002, by 2015 "Sochi" became a modern forum for constructive dialogue between the business community and the government organized with the support of the Russian government to tackle the issues of global economy development and the related basic trends.    

As a reminder, the forum acquired an "international" and annual status as far back as in 2004, while already in 2007 it changed its name for "Sochi". Since that time one of the principal investment forums of Russia has been convening numerous delegations not only from all over the country but from abroad, too.

By comparison, 500 people participated in the very first forum, that took place in Dagomys complex and 70 investment projects were presented at the exposition. Primarily, those were the projects on such priority areas as transport complex (including maritime ports), agro-processing and resort zone development. The forum’s area was 500 sq.m.      

In the year 2014, more than 7000 guests from 78 regions of Russia and 36 countries visited the investment forum. The exhibition square of the exposition exceeded 10 thousand sq.m., while the exhibition stands of Krasnodar region occupied 1800 sq.m. Kuban presented over 1800 investment proposals prepared according to the international standards. The outcome of the regional delegation’s work at the forum "Sochi-2014" was the conclusion of 310 agreements for the total amount of more than 350 billion rubles.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region