The 9th World Choir Games will Be Held In Sochi for the First Time

On July, 6-16 2016, a vocalist competition will be held in all urban areas, and in the first place, in the Olympic Park.

As the press service of the city of Sochi repots, a delegation of Germany visited the resort-city recently. The representatives of the delegation visited sites, where choirs from around the world will perform. The Project Director of the 9th World Choir Games Yelena Dannhauer noted the unique design and the convenience of built for the Olympics facilities. It is already known that the participants of the World Choir Games will perform at the Hall of Organ and Chamber Music, at the Winter Theatre and at the Concert Hall "Festivalnyi".

The Games will be open to all amateur choirs, regardless of their nationality, genre of music, which they represent, and artistic ambitions. To date, more than 100 choirs in the world filed their applications. Indonesians were the first of them.

It is necessary to add that the World Choir Games have been held since 2000, every two years. Today, the Games are the biggest international competition. Over the years, such vocal competitions were held in Korea, Germany, China, the United States and Latvia. The competition gathers up to 20 thousand members every year. The biggest World Choir Games were held last year in Riga. 27,000 vocalists from 73 countries were their participants.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region