Tax revenues from consumer sector of the region exceeded figures of the past year by 4.2%

32.9 billion rubles were received by consolidated budget of the region over the nine months 2020. As compared with the similar period of the past year the figure grew by 1.3 billion rubles. 

– After a forced closure we could quickly regain. Upon the completion of the year we expect that the growth of tax revenues would increase by 4.6% relatively to the last year – up to 43.7 billion rubles – as noted by Roman Kurinny, head of the department of consumer sector. 

The head of the agency added that tax revenues over the nine months of 2020 exceeded revenues over the entire year 2015. 31.6 billion rubles were received by regional treasury 

Broadly, the turnover of consumer sector industries in this year made 2.4 billion rubles. Public catering regains. The turnover of restaurants, bars, cafes as well as organizations supplying public catering products made 51.6 billion rubles, that is lower as compared with the similar period of last year by as little as 12.7%.

The wholesale trade virtually restored the similar figure of 2019 with the turnover of more than 1.3 trillion rubles.

For the reminder, tax revenues grew by 8.4 billion rubles for the period 2017-2019.

Press-Service of the Administration of Krasnodar region