SOL, the first Russian sunmobile, will be presented in Sochi

The sunmobile will be tested and demonstrate its technical capabilities on the Sochi Motor-Racing Track road on June 20.

It will be debut races of the sunmobile on the ring road. Organizers will talk about the process of creating a car, international competitions and the prospects for the development of a new mode of transport including its sporting direction.

The racing sunmobile can accelerate to a speed of 120 km/h; it is made in a futuristic style and is intended for participation only in sports competitions. Solar panels of 4 square meters are installed on the roof of the car. Its body is made of carbon fiber, which is used today mainly in the field of aviation and military equipment. A steel space frame is installed for a pilot’s safety.

The team will take part in the first stage of the American Solar Challenge competition on July 6, the press service of the motor-racing track reports.