Over a three-year period German investors invested around 40 billion Euros into the economy of Krasnodar region

Geza Andreas von Geyr was appointed Ambassador in September this year. Krasnodar region was one of the first Russian regions which he visited in his new status.

- Such attention is important for Krasnodar region, - noted Veniamin Kondratyev. Germany is among our principal strategic partners. Nowadays around 30 companies in Krasnodar have a German capital. Their successful development in the region is an indicator of work for other foreign investors.

Such German companies for manufacturing agricultural machinery & equipment as CLAAS, Stihl, Schumacher and Ero Binger Rus and construction company Knauf, among others, unveiled their production lines in the region. Altogether during the period 2016-2018 the German business invested around 40 million Euros into the economy of the region, - underscored Veniamin Kondratyev.

It is to be reminded that the commodity turnover of Krasnodar region and Germany exceeded 300 million dollars last year. The fundament of import is engineering products, cardboard, articles from ferrous metal. That of export is mineral fuel, printed products and plastics. In the first half of the current year the trade turnover equaled 151.5 million US dollars.       

Press Service of Administration of Krasnodar region