Non-primary non-energy exports in Kuban increased by 1.4 billion US dollars

During the period 2018-2020 the increment of non-primary non-energy exports in Kuban made 1.4 billion US dollars. Krasnodar region included into the top 5 regions of Russia in terms of this index as told by Alexey Krylovsky, Chairman of Expert Council of the Economy Ministry of Krasnodar region and reported by RBC Krasnodar.

In general, across the country this index increased by 25.5 billion US dollars. Kuban holds the 4th position in the rating. It is outpaced by Moscow, Kostroma and Rostov districts. 

Also Kuban held the seventh position among regions with the highest volume of exports in 2020. The total amount of supplies made 4.4 billion US dollars. Primarily, the products of Kuban are supplied to China, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and Turkey.