Kuban retained leadership in 2016 rating of investment appeal of the Russian regions

Today the largest national rating agency "Expert RA" submitted the survey findings. Krasnodar region was awarded the highest A1 rating "Maximum potential – minimal risk" along with Moscow region and Saint Petersburg.

– The largest, in terms of the investment appeal, regions such as Krasnodar region, Moscow and Moscow region – were able to avoid drops in the investment risk level in today’s rating. Large-scale investment programs: own, within the scope of private-public partnership and under the support of the federal budget, are key to this success, - commented the survey authors. 

For the six-year running, Kuban has been categorized as one of the leaders of A1 rating "Maximum potential – minimal risk". Apart from this, according to the survey findings, Krasnodar region is the region with the lowest risks for the investors. It also holds leadership in terms of the touristic appeal.

It should be noted that the rating of investment appeal of the regions conducted by "Expert RA" agency has been running since 1996 and is one of the most prestigious across Russia.

The rating is traditionally built upon the official information derived from the Russian State Statistics Service (Rosstat) and statistics derived from the federal agencies such as Ministry of Finance, Bank of Russia, Ministry of Сommunications, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.  The investment appeal in the rating is assessed by two parameters: investment potential and investment risk.

Source - Investment portal of Krasnodar region