Kuban at RIF-2018: flagship projects of municipal formations in the УCity of the futureФ

A stand of the Krasnodar Region will be designed in the form of a futuristic space at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi in 2018, and all projects will be divided into seven thematic clusters, in accordance with the developed Strategy-2030.

The subjects of the presentation stand of the Krasnodar Region at the Russian Investment Forum-2018 in Sochi will be conceptually related to the developed Strategy of the social and economic development of the region until 2030.

«Many details are still being worked out, but even now, we can say that our main idea is to demonstrate the image of the future Krasnodar Region in 12 years, illustrate and present the development strategy of our region until 2030», the press service of the Ministry commented.

The stand will be designed in the form of a futuristic space that is reminiscent of the city of the future. All Municipal Formations of the region will be conditionally divided into seven territorial and economic zones, in accordance with the division of the strategy. Each of them will have a certain industry specialization with its competitive advantages.

«Each Municipal Formation will have its own separate touch screen for multimedia presentation of investment potential. Investment proposals (projects and sites) will be demonstrated in visual form using 3D-graphics. The Krasnodar agglomeration and the city of Krasnodar are presented as a separate center piece. This stand will be easily recognizable by its stylized Aleksandrovskaya Triumphal Arch. Novorossiysk and Sochi will also have separate areas with large screens for presentations», the Investment Department informed.

The flagship projects mean the «whole direction clusters aimed at long term development of the regional economy». Priority industry projects will be presented in their context.

I total, five flagship projects are planned to be presented at the RIF-2018, as follows: Ecologized Cluster of the Agro-Industrial Complex with Deep Intelligent Processing; Tourist and Recreational Cluster; Southern Export-Import Hub Trade, Transport and Logistics Cluster; Smart Industry Cluster; and Social and Creative Industry Cluster. A separate video will be created for each of them, in which a visual image of the future region will be presented.

The Russian Investment Forum will be held in Sochi on February 15-16, 2018.