Krasnodar region exported commodities worth 3.9 billion dollars

Over the nine months of this year commodities worth 3.9 billion dollars were exported from Krasnodar region. Such figures were quoted by the Federal Customs Service.

According to the agency’s data the structure changed due to a strong decline in export of mineral products including fuel-and-energy commodities. Thus, over the three quarters of 2020 the share of food products and agricultural raw materials made approximately 35% of export (over the similar period of 2019 – a little less than 19%). The share of mineral products made 25% (36% in 2019), of which the share of metals and articles – 10% (6% in 2019)

The export of a group of commodities «Leather raw materials, fur and fur products» over the nine months of this year made 5 million dollars against 0.7 million dollars in the similar period of the past year. 

There is a tendency in significant growth of export of wire from steel alloy, sugar, oil, meat and by-products as well as railway machinery.

Over the year 2020 the export of commodities from Krasnodar region started to such new countries as Paraguay (plastic and plastic products), Macedonia (fruit and vegetable products) and DPRK (fuel).