Investors from UAE to invest 132 US dollars into a mountain resort in Apsheronsk district

Investors from the United Arabic Emirates intend to build a mountain resort in Apsheronsk district of Krasnodar region worth more 132 million dollars.

Within the framework of the Russian Investment Forum-2019 in Sochi, a cooperation agreement between the administration of Krasnodar region, Administration of Apsheronsk district and LLC «Construction company DEAR» was signed. In particular, the parties agreed to interact within the scope of implementing a project on the construction of a mountain ski resort «Mountain crown» with investment volume of 8.7 billion rubles.  

As it becomes evident from the supporting documents, LLC «DEAR» in conjunction with DIBC Building Constructing from UAE plans to build an all-season touristic complex in Nizhegorodskaya rural settlement. A convenient location, uniqueness of natural landscapes and availability of thermal springs are referenced as the strengths of the territory.

Within the scope of the project, it is expected to build an excursion cable railway, accommodation facilities, entertainment and catering facilities as well as to develop touristic infrastructure linked with the use of thermal springs.

The investment volume is estimated at more than 132 million dollars; the recoupment period of the facilities varies from 3 to 11 years (subject to the availability of utility networks). The construction company «DEAR» is also willing to invest into the reconstruction of the transmission line main substation as well as gas-and-water supply networks from Samurskaya to Nizhegorodskaya rural settlement and creek Kholodny. 

Source – Investment portal of Krasnodar region