In 2020 Kuban implemented investment projects in the area of AIC worth 100 billion rubles

In 2020 investors implemented 162 projects in the area of agro-industrial complex for the total amount of 100 billion rubles in Krasnodar region as reported by Vice-Governor of Kuban Andrey Korobka to TASS. 

According to his words, the majority of the projects are now being implemented by food and processing industries – around 70 for the total amount of 52 billion rubles. Besides, 28 projects for the amount of 11.2 billion rubles are being implemented in the area of husbandry. As an example he illustrated the construction of a large pork production facility for 12 thousand heads of the total value of more than 476 million rubles.

The agreement on implementation of the investment project was signed at the Russian Investment Forum in 2018. The enterprise was launched in the Cossack village Ternovskya. By reaching full production capacity, he could implement 34 thousand heads of pigs with a life weight up to 4 thousand tons on an annual basis. 

Over the past three years, the economy of Krasnodar region attracted investments for the total amount of 1.4 trillion rubles. In January-September 2020 the volume of investments made 250 billion rubles. As of 2021, the authorities of Krasnodar region assess the volume of borrowed investments at 480 billion rubles, and in 2022 – more than 510 billion rubles.