For the first time, a geographical indication for wine products was registered in Russia

Wine and champagne of the Krasnodar Region will now be able to produce under a single brand Kuban; however, wines should be made from 85% of local grapes.

Winemakers from 37 wineries in the region submitted a joint application to Rospatent last year. For several months, experts have been checking the characteristics of their products, methods of production, as well as storage and transportation of the wine, the press service of the Administration of the Krasnodar Region reports.

The Krasnodar Region is the leading region of Russia in the development of the viticulture and wine industry, the share in the all-Russian grape area is 30%. Wine products are supplied to 20 countries. By 2024, within International Cooperation and Export, a national project, the region plans to increase supplies to 445 thousand decaliters.