Five import-substituting industrial plants will be launched in the Krasnodar Territory with state support

At the meeting, the commission approved five projects of industrialists. In total, they will be provided with more than 205 million rubles to launch and expand the production of import-substituting products.

With the support of the region, the first plant in Russia for the production of alkaline batteries is being built in the Krymsky district. The company will launch them under its own GoPower brand. In Krasnodar, the production of domestic CCTV cameras will be increased. A new plant is being built in the Seversky district, where polymer components for cartridge systems will be produced. Moreover, the production of mineral powder and products based on bentonite will be increased in this area. These are used in the production of construction materials and other industrial products. The Starominsky district will increase the production of components for agricultural machinery.