Export of Kuban wine and champagne increased by 25%

From January to November 2021, the export of champagne and wine in the Krasnodar Region increased by 25% compared to the same period last year, RosBusinessConsulting Kuban reports.

According to the Minister of Agriculture of Kuban, Fyodor Derek, the supply of wine products amounted to almost 448 thousand decaliters. The region exported wine and champagne to 19 countries. The enterprises of the Kuban exported 418.9 thousand decalitres to 16 countries last year.

Wine products in the region are produced by 53 enterprises and 33 farms. The yield of vineyards in 2021 amounted to 91 centners per hectare, and the gross volume of grape production amounted to 203 thousand tons, which is 45% of the total Russian production volume.