Delegation from Germany visited a Machine-Tool Plant in Krasnodar

The President of the Engineering Union of Germany (VDMA) and other representatives of the organization visited the Southern Heavy Machine-Tool Plant launched in place of the largest, in Kuban, plant named after Sedin.

The experts from Germany took a decision to visit the production facility in Krasnodar after an agreement for development of the Southern Heavy Machine-Tool Plant (SHMTP) was concluded for the upcoming five years at the investment forum in Sochi. The document provides for the investment amounting to three billion rubles that will be channeled for the development of the enterprise until the year 2024.

Ivan Kulikov, Chief of the Industrial Policy Department of Krasnodar region and Dmitry Dmitrenko, Director General of LLC «SHMTP», told guests about operation of the rebuilt plant.     

According to Dmitrenko, around 700 million rubles have been invested into the enterprise for the time being. Principally, the funds were allocated for reconstruction and construction, dismantling and mantling of the equipment and launch of the upgraded workshop of SHMTP.

The Germans were enthusiastic about studying the operation of the launched workshop of SHMTP; it became interesting for them when the enterprise will be launched in full cycle and how many employees earlier employed at the plant named after Sedin are left with SHMTP.

Dmitry Dmitrenko, Director General of the plant, told that it is further planned to launch manufacture of tools that have no analogues in Russia and chiefly at the rebuilt plant – it is a special equipment capable of processing сomponents for tools, specifically.

He also added that around one hundred employees from the old enterprise is now employed at SHMTP. Among them are constructors and technologists with a vast track record. In the near term it is planned to establish additional 200 workplaces at the plant.

Among the customers of SHMTP are industrial facilities from Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Perm and a multitude of Russian cities. The enterprise also deals with companies from Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Cuba.

Following outcomes of the meeting, Сarl Welcker noted that German investors may be interested in Kuban enterprise.

SHMTP was launched on March 11, 2016 in the place of the largest plant named after Sedin specializing on supply of equipment to 65 countries across the globe within the framework of implementation of the investment project under the support of federal authorities and Administration of Krasnodar region.