Aqua-farming to be developed in Krasnodar region

Andrey Korobka, Vice Governor of Krasnodar region, allocated to sector experts of the regional ministry of agriculture to develop financial incentives for industry promotion.

Deputy Chief of the region reminded that fish and fish products are among export oriented products. Within the framework of the national project «International cooperation and export» the related supply volume to export markets should make 8 million US dollars by the year 2024.

– Aqua-farming is a future-proof stream, small aqua-farmings have all chances to transform into large enterprises and gradually to supply products not only to local residents but also to deal with export supplies, - underscored Andrey Korobka and entrusted experts to develop financial incentives for aqua-farming promotion.   

In 2020 the production of commercial fish preserved at the level of the past year, amounting to more than 21 thousand tons. Basically, carp, silver carp and grass carp are cultivate in the region. The aggregate production volume is 20.4 thousand tons.

In addition, high results are achieved in the production of aquaculture products of premium class – trout, sturgeon fish, mussels and oysters. 

Besides, cultivation of Australian crawfish is intensively being promoted in Kuban. Over the year the production volume has made 7 tons.

Press-Service of the Administration of Krasnodar region