Analytics export center to emerge in Kuban before 1 June

Upon instructions of the Governor, an analytics export center will be established in the region before 1 June to support export-oriented enterprises. The organization will analyze countries, specifics of partner markets in order to bring the products of Kuban in line with the European requirements. The Chief of the region commissioned to establish such a center at the meeting with managers of industrial and agrarian enterprises of the region.  

As noted Veniamin Kondratyev, it is important for producers of agricultural products not to miss an opportunity to enter the international market.

– The products of the region are characterized by high quality and have all capabilities to reach European shelves. However, one needs to know for sure where to promote our products; we are investigating the sales markets of the European countries. For instance, one needs to comprehend where is a demand for fodder, for ecologically pure duck meat and to enter this market, as underscored the Chief of the region.