79 million rubles were committed by Krasnodar «CLAAS» over six months of the current year

Within the framework of implementing the project for increasing capacity and localizing a plant in Krasnodar, the company committed 79 million rubles of investment funds over half a year. It should be reminded that it is planned to spend 750 million rubles to increase capacities on manufacture of combine harvesters and auxiliary equipment.

As reported by the Press-Service of regional administration, in 2016 «CLAAS» committed 206 million rubles of investments. The funds were channeled for purchasing of equipment, its delivery and upgrading. It is also reported that over the last year the company manufactured machinery for the total amount of 1.5 billion rubles.

It is worth to remember that within the scope of Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum «CLAAS» and RF government signed a Special investment contract. According to the document, the company undertakes to carry out further localization of the production process and manufacture machinery in compliance with the requirements imposed towards industrial products to recognize it as being manufactured in RF (defined by RF Government Decree No.719). Moreover, according to the contractual terms, «CLAAS» shall invest 800 million rubles into its development within 10 years.